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Plan Sponsors

Simple to administer with our 401(k) services.

Our staff designs every retirement plan with your goals in mind to create effective and personalized results.

As the IRS and Department of Labor rules evolve and as your business may change, you can trust Trinity to provide the proper guidance every step of the way. The services we offer you make the retirement plan experience simple and efficient.

Every client has a unique set of needs when it comes to administering a retirement plan. To provide a bundled like experience, we offer a suite of fiduciary services that delivers on convenience and simplifies plan administration. 


Trinity Pro

    • Eliminate the tedious task of census data collection by having Trinity collect it for you.
    • Save time and eliminate back-and-forth when processing distributions by having Trinity verify payroll data.
    • Stay ahead of plan administration by having Trinity track and notify you eligibility.

3.16 Fiduciary Service Offerings

    • Never worry about missing a deadline or needing to find your lost login credentials by having Trinity sign your Form 5500.
    • Spend less time administering your plan by having Trinity review, approve, and sign distribution and loan paperwork.
    • Focus on the day-to-day of your business by having Trinity sign plan amendments to plan document on your behalf.