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Trinity Pro

supported by Payroll Integrations software

Eliminate the administrative burdens of data entry and deferral updates.

Our partnership with Payroll Integrations is an automated two-way communication between us and the Plan Sponsor’s recordkeeper and payroll provider.

Our commitment is to provide you with a product that simplifies your work and elevates your clients' retirement plan experience. Trinity Pro is the ultimate solution for retirement plan management, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

Don't let the burden of census downloads, eligibility tracking, and distribution management hold you back. Let Trinity Pro empower your business to thrive, and provide your clients with the retirement plan solutions they deserve.

Here's how it works:


  1. Once approved by the Plan Sponsor, Trinity will establish the two-way communication between the Plan Sponsor and Payroll Integrations.
  2. Payroll Integrations will contact the Plan Sponsor to gather all data needed to launch the plug-and-play data integration solution.
  3. The data gathered is formatted to meet testing needs, securely stored with bank-grade encryption, and communicated to Trinity Pension Consultants.
  4. Data entry errors, delayed distribution processing, and missed deferral opportunities become a thing of the past with Trinity Pro, supported by Payroll Integrations.


Partner with us and experience the benefits of Trinity Pro.

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