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Financial Advisors

Simple to succeed with our highly credentialed Regional Vice Presidents.

We are indispensable at helping Financial Advisors increase assets under management through prospecting ideas, point of sale support, and unique plan design solutions.

As a financial advisor, your primary objective is to help your clients achieve their financial goals while growing your assets under management (AUM). Let us help you achieve your financial goals while delivering the best possible outcomes for your clients.


Point of Sale Support

  • Our Regional Vice Presidents are highly trained to support Advisors in communicating complex pension ideas during point-of-sale meetings.
  • We shorten the customer sales cycle and increase close rations by answering the technical and operational questions in the moment.
  • A reliable, trusted and non-producing partnership that doesn’t threaten the priority of your client relationship.

Trinity Learning Center

  • We provide proprietary Advisor trainings in your office that are relevant and high impact in winning and keeping your retirement plans.
  • As your trusted partner, we help strengthen relationships with your CPA colleagues for by providing continuing education.
  • Gain knowledge, insight, and learn trends that will give you a unique perspective and a competitive edge in your retirement plan selling and servicing.

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