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3(16) Fiduciary Services and Payroll Integrations

401(k) Services

Under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), it is the responsibility of the Plan Sponsor assigned Fiduciary to fulfill the day-to-day administrative tasks of their retirement plan. The many tasks of administering a compliant plan can be burdensome for the Plan Sponsor.


At Trinity, we offer a suite of fiduciary services that delivers on convenience and simplifies plan administration. Our services differ from the competition as they are administered by highly credentialed Consultants and customized to fit the needs of the Plan Sponsor.

Our standard services listed below are included in the annual administrative fee at no additional cost.


Here are some key reasons why Trinity is the better option for your retirement plan:


401(k) Administrative Task




Draft plan document

x x x
Annual plan testing x x x

Annual valuation

x x x
Audit Advisory x x x


x x x
Distribution processing x x x

Force-out projects

x x x

Form 5500 filing and signing

x x x

Approve and sign off on distributions (requires Sponsor review)*

x x x

Sign plan amendment to the plan document

x x x

Annual census data collection*

  x x

Approve, review, and sign off on distributions (no Sponsor review)*


*Service dependent on Recordkeeper and Payroll Provider


Our clients experience convenience and the flexibility to select the 401(k) administrative services based on their specific needs. Every provider has a different list of tasks they offer. Our 401(k) services  relieve the Sponsor of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks, associated with payroll data as well as meeting deadlines of the DOL and IRS.


Contact your Regional Vice President to learn more about our customized 401(k) services.