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Ideal Cash Balance Plan

Why add just any Cash Balance plan, when you can add an Ideal Cash Balance Plan that delivers predictable, sustainable, and flexible results?

The Ideal Cash Balance Plan balances the consultative options to address contribution concerns, business dynamics, and market fluctuation that often turn away perfect candidates.   

First, What is a Cash Balance Plan?

  • A Cash Balance Plan is a type of IRS-qualified retirement plan that operates under the rules of a defined benefit plan but gives the appearance of operating more like a defined contribution plan.
  • The account grows annually by company contributions and an interest credit, which is guaranteed, rather than being dependent on the plan’s investment performance.
  • Cash Balance plans offer Employers significantly larger contributions and tax savings opportunities.

How is the Ideal Cash Balance plan better?


A design that creates reliable and expected annual contribution amounts.

  • Consistent communication from a single point of contact.
  • Consistent annual tax deduction benefits.
  • Reliable benefit outcomes with transparent formulas.


A design that is compatible with company culture and demographic for long-term.

  • Consistent annual funding with a 5% interest credit rate.
  • Every participant contributes a percentage of pay or flat dollar amount specific to their retirement plan needs.


A design that is adaptable to changing business environment and fluctuation.

  • Three compatible annual contribution amounts (low, suggested, high) that can be rotated year-to-year.
  • Profit-Sharing and other proven plan design techniques that provide options to keep from freezing or terminating the plan.