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What Does a TPA do?

What’s the real difference between one third-party administrator (TPA) and another?

First, a TPA (Third Party Administrator) handles the administrative tasks, such as plan document maintenance, preparing the form 5500, creating match and profit sharing calculations, and performing non-discrimination testing. The Plan Sponsor and Financial Advisor rely on the TPA to be the expert on retirement plans.  At Trinity, we offer so much more than the precision of compliance testing, plan design, and distribution processing.  

Trinity provides a single point of contact for every plan.  Our highly credentialed Relationship Managers and Consultants work side by side every step of the way, to ensure that every new plan or conversion is handled seamlessly.  Our in-house Actuaries and Administrators are what sets us apart from other TPA firms.  At Trinity, we not only work to make sure that the plan created meets the objectives of the Client, but that the plan is sustainable and legal.  Our in-house, highly credentialed staff bring creative solutions in plan design and we are experts in making complex pension concepts simple.  Trinity's local Retirement Plan Consultants provide education for Financial Advisors and continuing education for CPAs on prospecting, point of sale, and plan design. 

Designing a Retirement Plan to meet the goals and objectives of a client is a complex undertaking, and we are here as a trusted partner for you. 

Contact your local Regional Vice President / Retirement Sales to get started. 

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