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The long-debated question:

To bundle or not-to bundle?

Administering a retirement plan can come with several challenges and complexities.

Partnering with the right administrator is key to the effectiveness of your plan and raises the question of which one is right for me: a bundled provider or a Third Party Administer (TPA).

Partnering with a TPA for your retirement plan offers numerous advantages over a bundled provider. At Trinity, we offer specialized services and expertise that can greatly benefit your plan's administration and overall effectiveness.


Here are some key reasons why Trinity is the better option for your retirement plan:

Key Reasons



Trinity Advantage

Plan Design Capabilities

Often a limited set of plan design options.

Creative plan design options for your company’s unique needs.

A tailored plan design that aligns with the company, owner and employee goals.

Primary Contact Expertise

Often needs assistance to provide technical answers and ongoing consultation.

Specialized in retirement plan services, design, and ongoing consulting.

Insurance that your plan remains in compliance with all legal and regulatory obligations by our ASPPA designated consultants.

Fee Transparency

Sometimes administration and investment fees are built in, making it harder to see the true cost of plan administration.

A fee for service structure is completely transparent.

Better identify expenses, ensuring that your plan remains cost-effective and covering your fiduciary responsibilities.

Personalized Service

Often fulfilled by a call center service model where the contact has no history of your plan.

Dedicated and responsive support from a team of Relationship Managers.

Higher level of personalized service that is consistent and prioritizes communication.


From customization and flexibility to independence and expertise, Trinity can provide personalized services that align with your unique requirements. If you prioritize tailored solutions, unbiased advice, and a high level of service, choosing Trinity is the better option for your retirement plan.

Contact your Regional Vice President to learn more about our customized 401(k) services.

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