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Trinity Pro

We offer seamless integration with select recordkeepers and payroll providers to simplify your year-end data collection process.

At Trinity, we know retirement plans are complicated and tedious.

Partnering with a third-party administrator that can act as your quarterback or extension of your team makes retirement planning simple.

In order to conduct the annual compliance testing required by the IRS and DOL, Plan Sponsors must provide a company census with certain information regarding employee salaries and plan assets. 

Skip the annual data collection process with Trinity Pro. We have partnered with Payroll Integrations to eliminate the pain and tedious task of census data collection.

With Trinity Pro, inaccurate census information, delayed distribution processing, and missed deferral opportunities are a thing of the past.  Trinity Pro supported by Payroll Integrations is your solution to a more convenient experience.

Partner with us and experience the benefits of Trinity Pro. Click here to meet our Lead Relationship Managers. 

Services included:


180 and 360 integration with select recordkeepers and payroll providers. 

Data Collection

Trinity will collect census data for compliance and testing to ensure that the plan is compliant all year round.

Distribution Processing

Trinity will process distributions faster without needing to verify data with the business owner.