What is the Real Difference between one third-party administrator and another?

It's Price, People and Performance.


When every TPA claims to provide quality and proactive service, it becomes cliché and hard to distinguish one from another. That is why we developed the Trinity PROMISE, a way to make a real distinction in the kind of quality and stability in our service that we deliver. The Trinity PROMISE is our way of addressing the three areas Advisors and Plan Sponsors are most concerned about once they have hired a TPA – Price, People and Performance.



Trinity PROMISE – Price

Trinity guarantees that your annual administration expenses will remain at the same rate for the first three years you are with Trinity. Our reoccurring base administration expense will be a predictable and constant amount for your planning.



Trinity PROMISE – People

Trinity guarantees that you will have the same Relationship Manager for the first two years you are with Trinity. Our single point of contact will be a friendly voice you can trust to know and properly integrate the nuances and history of your company and its retirement plan.



Trinity PROMISE – Performance

Trinity guarantees that you will receive up to 10 separate communication events each year you are with Trinity. Our communication will be personalized and specific to your plan, and will include non-routine matters of administration such as proactive and planning strategies.