How OPEN is your retirement plan?

CommunicationHow is your retirement plan working for your company today?

The OPEN communication by Trinity makes dialogue with you our top priority because our experience has shown most plan-related problems can be traced to a breakdown in communication.



Design How much do the owners want to contribute to the plan?

The OPEN design by Trinity takes a top-down approach and works backwards from the owner’s number to provide the right set up for the entire company.



DiscoveryHow would the perfect retirement plan work for your company?

The OPEN discovery by Trinity reveals to plan sponsors that their wish list for their company’s retirement plan is usually not far from reality.



Revenue OffsetGiving back your company's hard-earned dollars.

You may or may not know that Investment Providers typically offer revenue to Third Party Administrators like Trinity Pension Consultants. Each year you will receive an annual credit, up to 100% of your base administration fee. Simply put, Trinity uses these revenue amounts to offset (or subsidize) your administration on a dollar for dollar basis. It’s that easy.